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Quantum Rehab's Stretto: Slender Profile, No Compromise

StrettoFor every 36"-wide hallway encountered by ATPs and clinicians during home assessments, there is a much narrower hallway in a smaller, older house, apartment, or mobile home. While it would be optimal for power wheelchair users to live in wide-open spaces, the reality is that wheelchair professionals need to meet their clients where they are… and where they live.

It’s a challenge familiar to the clinical and engineering teams at Quantum Rehab, and one they answered with a new power wheelchair called the Edge 3 Stretto.

Customizability in a Svelte Package

Stretto is Italian and translates as narrow, close, or tight. The Stretto’s width is the first thing you’ll notice: It’s 21" wide using 14" drive wheels, or 20.5" wide with 12.5" drive wheels. That’s thanks to two NF22 batteries sitting inline, rather than side by side — and all
the better to maneuver well in tight spaces.

But a svelte figure is just the start of what the Stretto offers, said Jay Brislin, VP of Quantum Rehab.

Quantum Rehab’s international R&D team floated the idea of a power base with a narrow width that could also traverse terrain and provide a high-quality ride. Did Quantum’s North American team want to be involved?

“We said absolutely,” Brislin recalled. “Obviously, the footprint intrigued us immediately. We felt the industry really needed that kind of footprint. There are chairs that have that footprint, but there aren’t chairs that have that footprint and are in the Group 3 category. That makes [the Stretto] a unique product. Now you’re looking at a chair that can do two different drive wheel types, either a 12.5" drive wheel or a 14" drive wheel.”

From the beginning, Brislin said, the Stretto’s calling was also to have full-fledged Group 3 capabilities. “We couldn’t put U1 batteries in it, because it wouldn’t pass Group 3 criteria,” he explained. “So we used NF22 batteries, and we ran them in parallel so you were able to get that narrow width at the base.”

The Stretto accepts full powered seating, from tilt and recline to elevating legrests and iLevel, Quantum’s power adjustable seat height. The Stretto can be driven at up to 3.5 mph while elevated 12".

“Anywhere from static seating all the way up to multiple power,” Brislin said of the Stretto’s seating c