Sunrise Medical Launches ZIPPIE Sphynx

Sunrise Medical’s latest launch is the ZIPPIE Sphinx, a manual wheelchair with static tilt plus recline, as well as real-world transportability.

Young man pushes young woman in ZIPPIE Sphinx

In a Nov. 15 announcement, Sunrise described the Sphynx as having a “patent-pending one-step fold” that is “easy and intuitive, quickly transforming into an ultra-compact package that will fit within a compact car’s trunk.”

On the Sunrise Medical Web site, the Sphynx is shown being folded clamshell style in just a few seconds.

The Sphynx’s weight — just 28 lbs. — makes it easy to lift. But its weight capacity of 250 lbs. means it’s capable of supporting teens into young adulthood and beyond.

Clinicians can choose from 10, 20, or 30 degrees of tilt, and the Sphynx back support can be quickly adjusted from 85 to 100 degrees of recline to facilitate feeding, digestion, and respiration.

The Sphynx can be further customized via seating and positioning components from the JAY and Whitmyer lines.

ZIPPIE Sphynx wheelchair left view with green canopy

Kelsey DiGiacomo, Sunrise’s Pediatric Product Manager, said in the announcement, “At ZIPPIE, we wanted to design an adaptive stroller that could support active families when they want to get out and explore without compromising seating and positioning. The Sphynx is easy to transport for children who need postural support.”


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