Mobility Management Podcast: Motion’s Jeff Preston on COVID Challenges in Canada

Mobility Management’s latest podcast highlights how the COVID-19 pandemic impacted business for Motion (formerly Motion Specialties)… and how the national Canadian provider responded.

Jeff Preston, Motion’s Director of Product & Marketing, described how the pandemic and lockdown in Ontario impacted the provider’s seating and wheeled mobility clients.

“[Social isolation] has always been higher in seniors and persons with disabilities who have mobility challenges, and COVID certainly accelerated that scenario for those individuals,” Preston said. “We certainly saw that.”

Preston also talked about using telehealth and remote service options, not just for seating evaluations, but also as a way to jump-start the repair and service process.

He also noted that Motion constructed client/clinician meeting spaces inside their office locations — and how helpful those multi-purpose spaces have been the last few years.

“We built rooms in our locations — three or four, in major locations,” Preston said. “They’re fully outfitted. Clients can come with their therapists, caregivers, and others, along with our staff, our ATPs, to do the evaluations and/or dispense product to people in an environment that was very safe and accessible during COVID.”

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