Rolko Appoints Director of Strategic Development

Rolko North America has a new Director of Strategic Development.

Via an Aug. 24 announcement from Chief Operations Officer Jill Brown, Rolko said it hired Javier Nuñez for that position, and that Nuñez has more than 20 years of industry experience. “He has a passion for his family and for building steadfast relationships,” Brown added.

Brown also formally introduced Brittany Small as Rolko North America’s Customer Service Manager. “As a former member of law enforcement, she is still learning about this new industry, but her aspiration for helping people is still evident,” the announcement said.

Brown added that Rolko is “in the process of building a Web shop that will allow customers to order or request quotes from their computer, tablet, or smartphone. Look for the launch of the Web shop in late fall of 2022. Until then, a new July 2022 catalog of products is available for download on our Web site.

“As Rolko North America continues to grow and evolve, we would like to thank our customers and partners. We are optimistic for the future of Rolko in North America.”

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