Pride Mobility Launches PX4 Scooter with 500-lb. Weight Capacity

Pride Mobility has launched another scooter, the latest in a summer of power mobility device introductions.

Pride Mobility PX4 scooter with yellow trim.

The new PX4 scooter — which Pride described as “a groundbreaking mobility solution to help your customers embark on unforgettable journeys” — boasts a 500-lb. weight capacity and a top speed of 9.3 mph, with a 23.4-mile battery range.

The PX4’s features include Near-Field Communication (NFC) technology for its ignition system. “The NFC key fobs are unique to each unit and will allow the user to start the scooter by waving the fob near the receiver,” the Pride announcement said. “It’s easy, secure, and enhances the user experience.” Other features include a water-resistant user interface, an enhanced lighting package, memory foam seating, a standard front basket, and rear-view mirrors.

The scooter has an overall width of 27.05 inches, an overall length of 55.9 inches, and a turning radius of 82.28 inches. It has 13-inch pneumatic front and rear tires and a full suspension.

The PX4’s depth-adjustable seat is measures 18x18-20 inches, with a 6-inch slider. Additional seat size options are 20x18-20 inches and 22x20-22 inches.

Choose from vinyl accent colors in Satin Aluminum, Dark Violet, Red, Peacock Blue, and Sunflower.

The PX4 is an FDA Class II Medical Device considered a K0899 (power mobility device not PDAC coded).

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