Quantum Rehab Debuts R-TRAK Rear-Wheel-Drive Power Chair

Quantum Rehab’s latest launch is for fans of rear-wheel drive.

R-TRAK power wheelchair from Quantum Rehab

In a Sept. 18 news announcement, the manufacturer introduced the R-TRAK, a rear-wheel-drive power chair with Smooth Ride Suspension technology and Center of Gravity to improve the rider’s sitting tolerance.

Describing the R-TRAK as “a revolutionary addition to our power base fleet,” Quantum noted that the new chair features 4-pole motors, a narrow 24.2-inch base width for better maneuverability, and a top speed of 7 mph (or 3.5 mph with the seat elevated up to 10 inches).

R-TRAK can accommodate TRU-Balance 3 and TRU-Balance Flex powered seating in widths and depths starting at 12x12 inches, and with seat-to-floor heights starting at 16 inches. The power chair has an overall length of 34.8 inches, with a turning radius of 25.7 inches.

R-TRAK can be configured for the standard K0848/K0849; single power K0856/K0857; or multiple power K0861 HCPCS codes, all of which have been verified by the PDAC.

LED lighting is incorporated into the front caster arms and fenders for greater visibility. The R-TRAK is available in 14 colors, from Pretty in Pink and Lemon Crush to Military Green, Electric Blue, and Night Train.

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