Sunrise Medical Launches QUICKIE Q700 Upgrades

QUICKIE Q700 power wheelchairs are now available with a new suspension and a new tilt module.

Sunrise Medical QUICKIE Q700 Up M power wheelchair in anterior tilt position.

In a Sept. 19 news announcement, Sunrise Medical said its new ProGrip suspension “has undergone a complete redesign to deliver unmatched reliability without compromising performance.” The suspension features a coil-over-shock design and approximately 7 inches of articulation in the caster arms to handle tough terrains while maintaining indoor maneuverability for an overall smoother, safer ride.

And the SEDEO PRO ADVANCED seating system now has a tilt module offering 50 degrees of posterior tilt and 30 degrees of anterior tilt to facilitate more efficient and safer transfers and reaching tasks. The new tilt module is available on Q700 M and Q700-UP M models.

In the announcement, Jeff Rogers, Sunrise Medical’s Director of Product Management, said, “Sunrise Medical is committed to continuously improving the lives of our clients, and we are proud to introduce these remarkable upgrades to the QUICKIE Q700 power wheelchairs. The new ProGrip suspension system and the advanced tilt module are a testament to our dedication to providing unparalleled driving experiences and elevating the standard of power mobility.”

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