Noridian Takes Over for SADMERC

Noridian Administrative Services LLC took over as the new Pricing, Data Analysis & Coding (PDAC) contractor on Aug. 18.

After H.R. 6331: Where Does Mobility Go from Here?

Details on competitive bidding, the rehab carveout and what to expect next.

"Behind-the-Scenes" H.R. 6331 Effort Clarifies Accessories Funding

Phrasing is designed to avoid sweeping pay-for cuts to wheelchair accessories.

Leavitt's Commentary Defends Derailed NCB

In Washington Times piece, HHS Secretary calls supplier compensation plan "insult to injury" for CMS

AAHomecare: "Now the Unraveling Process Begins"

H.R. 6331 becomes law following override of presidential veto.

Senate Overrides H.R. 6331 Veto

Competitive bidding to be halted and postponed.

House Votes to Override Veto; Senate to Vote

By a 383-41 tally, the House votes to overturn Bush's veto on H.R. 6331.

Report: Medicare Bill Has Been Vetoed; Industry Urges Override

Update: The Associated Press says Bush vetoed H.R. 6331 today.

Senate Approves Bill to Delay Competitive Bidding, Carve Out Rehab

In a 69-30 vote, the Senate passes "doc-fix" bill; bill now goes to Bush for signing.

Analysis: NCB's First-Round Winners

Download a color-coded grid of winners showing company names, locations and product categories.

Winning Strategies for Tough Funding Scenarios

The Fight for Independence

NCB Starts; AAHomecare to Track Problems with the Program

Competitive bidding begins in first 10 bidding areas; providers are asked to report problems.

Round 1: Anticipation & Lessons to Learn

AAHomecare NCB Injunction Motion Denied

U.S. District judge says no "irreparable injury" from NCB was proven.

AAHomecare on NCB: "We'll Continue to Fight This"

Association is considering next moves after bill to delay competitive bidding fails to pass June 26 cloture vote.