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Ethos Ultralightweight Chair

Ethos Ultralightweight Chair

As seen at the 2019 International Seating Symposium: Self-propelling isn’t the only activity that can fatigue ultralightweight manual wheelchair users. So can absorbing the endless vibration and jostling transmitted through the chair every time it rolls over a crack in the sidewalk, a transition from carpet to flooring, or any of a thousand other discrepancies on the ground. Vibrations can trigger spasticity, cause pain, and decrease sitting tolerance. But Ki Mobility has a new answer. Its Ethos wheelchair is specifically designed to reduce movement in the legs and feet as the chair rolls. The Ethos seat frame is isolated from the base frame to reduce the vibration that is transmitted to the wheelchair user. The bottom frame is rigid to prevent loss of energy, but a small cross brace up front provides some caster flexion to produce a comfortable and efficient ride. The chair also offers a wide range of seat widths and depths, front and rear seat heights, camber, and frame/highlight colors so Ethos can be tailored and fit optimally to every user. Ethos was designed by longtime wheelchair user Alan Ludovici, Ki Mobility’s Senior Design Engineer.

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