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ZIPPIE Q300 M Mini

ZIPPIE Q300 M Mini

2022 Mobility Product Award Winner: Power Wheelchairs, Group 3, Single Power Wheelchairs, Group 3, Standard

With a patented, all-wheel independent suspension, the narrowest true mid-wheel-drive base available, an ultra-small 17" turning radius, and a 17" seat-to-floor height, the ZIPPIE Q300 M Mini offers children the independence to safely explore a wide variety of environments. With optional C-Me seat elevation, children can drive up to 3 mph while elevated up to 12", without locking out the suspension or needing to stop while transitioning. The ZIPPIE MINI offers up to 50° of power tilt, with a wide range of JAY cushions and backs and WHITMYER headrests available to address any seating needs. Components such as footplates, leg supports, back height, seat width and seat depth can grow with the child and be adjusted individually. The ZIPPIE Mini can be personalized with seven striking accent colors or a wide variety of painted shrouds for an expressive, individual look. Or choose from a wide array of painted shroud colors for a bit more color.

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