Stealth Products

Essence SPP

Essence SPP

This skin protection and positioning cushion is lateral- and pre-ischial-shelf contoured with a high-density, specially molded foam base. A solid seat insert is included. Options include gel and exclusive SunMate medium/soft toppers, a four-way-stretch poly liner, a contour wedge package, and a mesh cover. Available in widths 16" to 24"; depths from 16" to 22". Ask about additional customizable sizing as needed.

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Sunrise Medical (US) LLC

JAY Fusion with Cryo Technology

JAY Fusion with CryoFluid

The new CryoFluid option excels at reducing pressure injury risk. The Fusion conforms to each user’s shape, adjusts to sitting positions, and ensures proper fluid placement beneath bony prominences. JAY Fluid with Cryo Technology actively cools a patient’s seated skin surface for up to eight hours while evenly distributing pressure, reducing shear and lowering the risk of moisture.

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Ki Mobility

Axiom AS/ASP

Axiom AS/ASP

The first field-adjustable, lightweight fluid cushions on the market, Axiom AS and ASP have a self-adjusting fluid system to make fitting and adjustments simple. Getting the optimum fit is as easy as sitting. Designed to reduce shear strain, the self-adjusting system allows the femurs, trochanters and ischia to be independently loaded. Axiom’s Hydrolite fluid is incredibly light and less temperature sensitive for consistent performance regardless of climate.

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Symmetric Designs

Free Form Custom Seating

Free Form Seating

Free Form Seating is a custom solution that can keep pace with a person’s postural support needs. As a person’s weight fluctuates, as they need more or less support, and as young people grow, this seating adapts. Free Form Seating can be changed anywhere, at any time. Backrest Kits come in eight sizes and include everything needed to make a custom-fitted support (shell, cover, tool, hardware).

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Invacare Corporation



PinDot cushions offer personalized seating solutions when of-the-shelf products don’t meet seating needs. PinDot Silhouette Cushions and PinDot ContourU Systems represent state-of-the-art technology and computer-assisted manufacturing to produce custom-contoured seat and back cushions for precise support and excellent stability. Mounting options ensure accurate interfacing between the seat and back cushions and the wheelchair.

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Broda Seating

Comfort Tension Seating

Comfort Tension Seating

Broda’s Comfort Tension Seating provides enhanced pressure redistribution and long-term seating comfort. Each strap conforms to the patient’s body, suspending weight across multiple points. Comfort Tension Seating works with Broda’s infinitely adjustable tilt and recline. Together, they provide therapeutic pressure relief, enhance postural support, and maintain skin integrity.

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