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Tune in to watch video demos and learn about new technology and applications. Our Mobility Management DemoCast premieres June 30th.

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Whitmyer Head Supports and Accessories

Whitmyer Head Supports and Accessories

Whitmyer is a line of head supports and accessories that addresses the range of user needs from basic support to multiple-point control. A variety of pad shapes and sizes are available in single, two-pad or three-pad systems with each pad designed to address a specific support purpose.

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Mobility Management is a business publication and website serving the mobility, accessibility and complex rehab technology industries. MM updates professionals on the news, policy and new technologies that impact their businesses, while ATPs, occupational and physical therapists benefit from clinical stories that start with assessment, explore innovative solutions, and end with funding discussions. Core technologies include wheelchairs, seating & positioning, adaptive automotive equipment and home/environmental accessibility for adult, pediatric, geriatric and bariatric consumers.

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